SONY Alpha a7S "IS IT TRUE?"

As promised, here I share the little clip that resulted from the tests I did with Sony A7s.
The images were captured during late afternoon and night, without any prior preparation and therefore do not contain predefined message or meaning. Weather conditions, despite adverse, helped in some parameters that wanted to test. However, obviously, on a clear day, or even with some clouds, i would have another kind of light to run several important tests.
Already we are all tired of reading articles and see online testing, this is just another and it is quite simple.
However, test it with my hands and see with my own eyes is always different.
So this is my personal conclusion.
It's no lie that is said of his behavior in low lights. In truth we can take high ISO values that in normal situations with a DSLR would put our work in serious risk with the appearance of such unwanted noise.
In this this test i used ISO values that varied between 200 and 10,000.
All images were captured only with ambient light.
The camera has a dynamic range of excellent performance, thus providing a nice balance between high and low lights. As I mentioned earlier, could have done other latitude tests if i had another type of sun light. Anyway, i can say with all certainty that the camera behavior is very positive in this field.
Its sharpness skills might achieve great class indices, if we combine the A7s with appropriate lenses.
I was positively surprised with the built-in microphone system. Despite its performance it is not ideal for a top job, it is no shame to anyone to use it in a emergency situation. Is not comparable to the faint sound usually captured by DSLR.

Negative notes:
"REC" Button positioning is not practical
but perhaps the fact that it am very used to the center button of the Canon.
The camera is always hungry and battery literally "evaporates" without us to realizing it, so we have to invest in several spare batteries or in another external power solution.

Final conclusion:
Taking into account the reality of the market supply at present, seems to me a very wise choice, but is a camera that needs to be understood and requires training and knowledge to deal with it and reach top class results.
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Watch it here -
Videographer Sergio Duarte
Coimbra, Portugal


    • Videographer Madalin Dumitru
      nice camera Sony A7s. Good colors
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      • Videographer Sergio Duarte
        This was shooted in PP1 and graded very simply in Premiere Pro CC. We can get the full quality in Dynamic range and color if we shoot in S-log2 (PP7) and use good Luts and grading in Post production.
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    • Videographer Estudio Marhea
      I appreciate this article. Thank you.
      · · 0
      • Videographer Sergio Duarte
        You´re welcome my friend. I will test more cameras and i´ll keep posting info here.
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    • Videographer Estudio Marhea
      I Read yesterday in a forum:
      """Has anyone here used a DP7 Pro with the Sony A7s?
      The reason I ask is that I've been unable to get an hdmi feed from the A7s to my DP7 Pro. I'm using a high end 1ft HDMI to micro-HDMI cable and I updated to the latest DP7Pro firmware 3.01. But all I keep getting on the DP7 screen is "no HDMI signal".
      Is the Sony A7s not compatible with the DP7Pro? Or is there some setting I'm missing in the A7s menu preventing an external monitor from seeing what the A7s sees. """"
      · 0
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