The Everlasting Journey - Wedding Cinematography Workshop by Gione da Silva

20 — 21 March 2018
United Kingdom, Ipswich, Isaacs on the Quay - 7 Wherry Quay, Ipswich IP4 1AS
WORKSHOP ANNOUNCEMENT! So... after a few months working on this... and to fulfil the requests from some colleagues, I am very pleased to announce our very own first UK workshop: The Everlasting Journey! This is probably going to be a one off, so if you want to take your business to the next level, don't miss out! I will be sharing everything! More info and reservations on the page below! Look forward to sharing and learning from you all! Much love! ??
Videographer Gione da Silva
Ipswich, United Kingdom


    • Videographer Steve Hood
      I attended The Everlasting Journey Workshop in Ipswich on 20th/21st March 2018.
      I have been filming Weddings professionally for over 8 years but still felt I had a lot to learn and wanted to get some fresh ideas about how to go about filming weddings and running my business. Gione and Hannah didn't hold back and shared everything, the Workshop was targeted at beginners and Seasoned Pro's and it was great to learn how they approach clients and the Wedding Industry.
      There was a lot of practical stuff going on too with lots of hands on camera work and editing afterwards.
      Terrific to meet up with everyone and network with people from all over the World.
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      • Videographer Gione da Silva
        Thank you so much brother! Really appreciate your kind words! Really awesome having you on board and looking forward to seeing your films this season! Much love! ???
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